What is the R-value of 2-inch Styrofoam?

2-inch Styrofoam has a typical insulation R-value of R-10.4. You can check XPS R-values for different thicknesses from the chart above.

What is Type 2 EPS foam?

InsulFoam II Below Grade is an engineered insulation consisting of a superior closed-cell, lightweight and resilient expanded polystyrene (EPS). InsulFoam II meets or exceeds the requirements of ASTM C578, Type II, Standard Specification for Rigid, Cellular Polystyrene Thermal Insulation.

What is polystyrene vs styrofoam?

The foam that you formerly knew as styrofoam is actually expanded polystyrene foam or EPS. This material is made from polystyrene, a plastic that’s often used to make clear products like food packaging or lab equipment.

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Are there different grades of Styrofoam?

There are two primary types of PS foam, which include expanded polystyrene and extruded polystyrene, abbreviated as EPS and XPS respectively. EPS is more commonly used in everyday applications, such as in Styrofoam cups and in packing peanuts used in shipping.

Why did they ban Styrofoam?

It’s made from the chemical styrene, which environmental experts say is a suspected carcinogen. There are some exemptions to the law, including polystyrene egg cartons, and the white polystyrene trays used by grocery stores to package raw meat and fish. Businesses that don’t abide by the law will be fined.

Is polystyrene toxic to humans?

The EPA recognizes styrene (the primary building block of polystyrene) as a health threat to humans. It’s also considered a human carcinogen by the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer.

What are the disadvantages of polystyrene?

Disadvantages of Polystyrene include:
  • Brittle, poor chemical resistance especially to organics.
  • Susceptible to UV degradation.
  • Flammable.

When was polystyrene banned?

Polystyrene ban for restaurants and food vendors, adopted October 17, 2011. Expanded polystyrene ban for food vendors, requirement that all takeout food packaging be recyclable or compostable.

What is polystyrene commonly used for?

Polystyrene (solid and foam) is widely used to protect consumer products. CD and DVD cases, foam packaging peanuts for shipping, food packaging, meat/poultry trays and egg cartons typically are made with polystyrene to protect against damage or spoilage.

Is polystyrene banned?

As of 2022, eight U.S. states and one territory have passed legislation to ban polystyrene foam. Maryland was the first state to institute a ban which went into effect on October 1, 2020.

Is polystyrene a plastic?

Polystyrene (PS) plastic is a naturally transparent thermoplastic that is available as both a typical solid plastic as well in the form of a rigid foam material. PS plastic is commonly used in a variety of consumer product applications and is also particularly useful for commercial packaging.

How do you cut polystyrene?

Use a sharp long blade knife, to penetrate the polystyrene in order to create a straight cutting line. Cut the polystyrene using small, steady movements. After the initial cut, run the craft knife through the foam several times, creating deeper cuts each time until the EPS is completely cut through from top to bottom.

What is the best way to cut 2-inch Styrofoam?

While a utility knife is the best cutting tool for thin boards, the best way to cut 2-inch foam board insulation is to use a saw. You can buy a circular saw blade designed for rigid foam, or if you really like to DIY things, you can make your own foam cutting blade using a grinder.

What is the best tool for cutting Styrofoam?

Hot wire foam cutters are the fastest, cleanest and easiest tools to use to cut rigid polystyrene foams, like Styrofoam, white beaded EPS, and XPS foams (blue and pink board). The hot wire tools slice through foam like a hot knife through butter, melting Styrofoam to leave a clean cut behind.

What can I use to seal Styrofoam?

What happens if styrofoam gets wet?

In case of water damage or flooding, don’t worry! EPS is resistant to water and moisture. This means that it does not absorb them and that its insulating performance is not compromised when in contact with these elements.

What can I spray on styrofoam to make it waterproof?

FoamCoat is a non-toxic, water-based coating for styrofoam and polystyrene foam, as well as other surfaces. It provides a hard, durable finish that resists chipping and cracking, yet can be sanded smooth or carved to add detailing.

Does Gorilla glue work for styrofoam?

For casual crafters, an all-purpose glue such as Gorilla Original Glue works well for both hobby and home projects, including styrofoam. This glue can bond to almost everything, including wood, stone, metal, ceramic, glass, and foam.

What happens if you hot glue styrofoam?

Hot glue is one of the worst glues to use on Styrofoam because it will melt the foam if directly applied. Hot glue is not recommended if you want to attach two Styrofoam pieces together.

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