What is the difference between Petunia and Surfinia?

The Surfinia petunias were the first trailing petunias. All Surfinias are petunias but not all petunias are Surfinias. These were introduced twenty plus years ago in the 1990’s and have become a must have summer basket plant as the plants are branched with a trailing habit and flower abundantly all summer.

What is the difference between Surfinia and trailing Petunia?

Surfinia is sometimes a name mistakenly applied to all trailing petunias – but this is like calling all vacuum cleaners ‘hoovers’. Surfinia is a registered brand name for a particular range of trailing petunias which make very popular bedding plants, frequently used in containers, window boxes and hanging baskets.

Do Surfinias like full sun?

Plant Surfinias in full sun areas or in part shade. 6 hours of sun is preferred. Surfinias prefer well-drained organic soils. Avoid wet, soggy, shady areas.

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How long do Surfinias last?

Surfinia® will last from late spring, through the summer, until the end of fall. Surfinia® Petunia is a low maintenance plant that does not require deadheading. Fertilizer or compost application will ensure optimal plant performance.

How many Surfinias are in a hanging basket?

For hanging baskets the general rule is to use one plant per inch of basket diameter – so 12 plants per 12 inch basket. You’ll only need 5 plants per 12 inch hanging basket for bigger plants like Geraniums (Pelargoniums), Surfinia Petunias, culinary herbs and Fuchsias.

Can you take cuttings from Surfinia?

Many of these, known as half-hardy bedding plants, are perennials and can be propagated from cuttings taken now. Good examples include fuchsias, pelargoniums (bedding geraniums), Surfinia and other petunias, osteospermums, coleus (solenostemon) and marguerites (argyranthemum).

Do you pinch out Surfinias?

Surfinia will require pinching to encourage the right habit and breaks to get a bushy and spreading plant. This should be carried out two weeks after potting.

Can you overwinter Surfinias?

They can be overwintered at 5–10°C in a bright or dark place. Cut them back to 20 cm in the autumn before placing them in their winter quarters. Put the sun-loving plants outdoors in May when the temperature is 15–20°C.

Should you deadhead surfinia?

Surfinia is a Grandiflora hybrid not requiring frequent deadheading but may still benefit from one pruning session in the middle of summer. Wave petunia plants are self-cleaning plants. The flowers eventually wilt, dry up, and fall from the plant. New blooms appear without the need for deadheading.

Can you cut petunias back too far?

HOW FAR CAN YOU CUT BACK PETUNIAS? Petunias don’t benefit from a hard pruning, so be sure to have a light touch as your prune, only removing long stems—especially the ones that are beginning to look leggy. Don’t prune back more than one-third of the plant’s stems.

How do you prune a surfinia?

How do you keep petunias full and bushy?

To keep petunias tidy and flowering, we prune the shoots back to about half their length. This will encourage more branching and more flowers. After pruning, fertilize and water the plants well to force out new growth and flowers. The plants may look raggedy at first but they’ll rebound with more color and blooms.

How do I get better leggy petunias?

Petunias naturally look leggy or have sparse stems. New flowers emerge at the ends of stems, so as old blooms die back, the stems will look bare. Cutting a Petunia back in the middle of the season will allow the plant to push out new growth and appear more full. Dead or damaged growth can be removed at any time.

How often do you water Surfinia?

Can you overwater Wave petunias?

Petunias are subject to root and crown rot, a result of uneven watering. “Like pansies,” she says, “petunias must never be allowed to wilt, either from under- or overwatering. Once they wilt, it’s all over.” She advises providing good soil conditions, including preparation with organic materials and ample mulching.

Is it better to water petunias in the morning or the evening?

Best Time To Water Petunias

Watering the plants early in the morning can help sustain the plants through the early afternoon, typically the warmest and sunniest part of the day. During the winter, Petunias go dormant and will need less water. Wait until the top few inches of soil are dry to water.

How do you deadhead in Surfinia?

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