Is DUT open for 2023 applications?

Applications for 2023 closes on 30 September 2022, however, some programmes have earlier deadlines dates, so please visit to make sure that you apply on time.

What is DUT known for?

DUT, a member of the International Association of Universities, is a multi-campus university of technology at the forefront of higher education, technological training, research, and innovation.

What courses are available at DUT 2022?

Departments Accounting & Informatics
  • Auditing and Taxation.
  • Finance and Information Management (Midlands)
  • Financial Accounting.
  • Information and Corporate Management.
  • Information Systems.
  • Information Technology.
  • Management Accounting.

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What can I study with 17 points?

17 APS Score Courses

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With an APS of 17, you can still study any Higher Certificate courses. A Diploma pass has an APS requirement of 19. If you achieve an APS of 19, you can study Diploma courses. ICB and NATED courses go up to the Diploma level, which is just one level below a Bachelor’s Degree.

Can I study at DUT with 22 points?

Candidates must have achieved a minimum of 24 points to enter the programme. Points are calculated as follows: 2.1.

Which courses are open at DUT?

The top 10 courses most applied for are, Bachelor of Technology Nursing Science, National Diploma in Journalism, National Diploma in Drama and Production Studies, Diploma in Management Sciences: Human Resources, National Diploma in Dental Technology, Bachelor of Health Sciences: Radiography Diagnostic, Bachelor of

What courses does DUT offers?

Departments Applied Sciences
  • Biotechnology and Food Science.
  • Chemistry.
  • Textile Science and Apparel Technology.
  • Horticulture.
  • Maritime Studies.
  • Mathematics.
  • Physics.
  • Statistics.

Which Programmes are still available at DUT?

Departments Applied Sciences
  • Departments Applied Sciences. Biotechnology and Food Science. Chemistry. Textile Science and Apparel Technology. Horticulture. Maritime Studies. Mathematics. Physics. Statistics. Sport Studies.
  • FMS – Women’s Month Special Spotlight Interviews 2022.

Can I study at DUT with 25 points?


Applicants must score a minimum of 25 points, and must obtain a minimum symbol of E on the Higher Grade, or D on the Standard Grade, for both English and Accounting.

What can I study at DUT with 20 APS?


What can I apply with 20 points?

TUT Courses That Require 20 Points Or Less
  • Diploma In Administrative Information Management.
  • Diploma In Adventure Tourism Management.
  • Diploma In Ecotourism Management.
  • Diploma In Event Management.
  • Diploma In Food Operations Management.
  • Diploma In Management Services.
  • Diploma In Operations Management.

What course can I do with 16 APS?

  • Higher Certificate in Accounting Sciences (98201)
  • Higher Certificate in Animal Welfare (90098)
  • Higher Certificate in Archives and Records Management (98577)
  • Higher Certificate in Banking (98225)
  • Higher Certificate in Criminal Justice (90006)
  • Higher Certificate in Economic and Management Sciences (98237)

What can I study with 14 points?

Here are the NATED courses that you can study with a Higher Certificate pass:
  • Business Management Courses.
  • Marketing Management Courses.
  • Management Assistant Courses.
  • Human Resources Management Courses.
  • Educare Courses.
  • Legal Secretary Courses.

What can I study with 18 points?

Diplomas courses:
  • Diploma in Accounting Sciences: APS Score 17.
  • Diploma in Administrative Management: APS Score 17.
  • Diploma in Agricultural Management: APS Score 18.
  • Diploma in Animal Health: APS Score 18.
  • Diploma in Chemical Engineering: APS Score 18.
  • Diploma in Civil Engineering: APS Score 18.

What is the lowest APS score?

The lowest minimum APS is 18, and the highest minimum is 24 with Maths or 25 with Maths Literacy. To find out the minimum APS requirements for each specific course, you can look at the TUT Course Information page for more detailed information.

What can I study with APS of 26?

APS 26, with English home language at level 5, or English first additional language at level 6. Specialty courses for teaching at senior level have additional requirements – eg Mathematics at level 4 for Business and Management Studies, or at level 6 for Mathematics teaching.

What can I do with 15 APS score?

15 APS is the minimum requirement needed to obtain the Higher Certificate Pass in Matric. With a Higher Certificate, you will be able to study toward a Higher Certificate Qualification. This is one NQF Level above a Matric Certificate (One qualification higher).

How many points does UJ need?

Minimum APS Score: 27 with Mathematics and 28 with Mathematical Literacy.

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