Is clivia an indoor or outdoor plant?

Choose whether you want to plant your clivia in an indoor or outdoor pot. Clivias prefer indirect light and partial shade if you’re planting outdoors, so choose a location out of the direct sun if you plant clivia outdoors. 2.

How do you care for a clivia plant?

Grow clivia under cover in a frost-free place, avoiding hot rooms, in good light but out of direct sun. Water regularly in summer but sparingly in winter, when the plant should be ‘rested’ in a cool place. Feed in spring and summer, and deadhead once flowering has finished.

Do clivias like full sun?


Clivias will grow in shade, but may become ‘leggy’ if grown in deep shade. They will still flower, but not prolifically. Aim for good light in autumn and spring, but avoid strong sunlight in the summer months. Best grown in fertile, well-drained soil.

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Do clivias grow well in pots?

Can you grow cliva in pots? Potted clivias look lovely on a patio or decorating a shady courtyard. In pots and containers, clivias like to be pot bound and can be left undisturbed for many years. You can grow them beautifully for more than 20 years without ever disturbing the roots by repotting.

What months do clivias flower?

Most bloom in spring, but flowering times do vary, depending on the species Clivia gardenii, for instance, blooms from autumn to spring, bringing welcome colour to the winter garden. They produce strong flower stems that are topped with heads of large funnel-shaped flowers in vibrant hues of yellow, orange, and red.

Do clivias multiply?

Clivia’s natural multiplication by offsets. Clivias are one of many plants that produce offsets. These are the tiny plants that cluster around the base of the mother plant and grow up to be exactly like their parent.

How often should I water my clivia?

During the spring and summer growing seasons, a clivia needs regular watering but should be allowed to become dry to the touch between waterings. An automatic weekly watering will often be too much and can cause rot. Fertilize once a month with a half-strength dilute solution of 20-20-20 fertilizer.

What problems do clivia have?

What are the most common problems on clivia? Over-watering and mealybugs are the most common problems with clivia. Over-watering (watering too frequently) may result in root rots. In spring and summer, water plants when the soil surface becomes dry to the touch.

How long does clivia last?

The flowers have a bright orange-red hue that is glorious to see, and the best part is that the flowers last two to three weeks or more. But remember that these are big plants; they need space. The deep green straplike leaves of clivias are quite handsome, even when not in bloom.

Can clivia survive winter?

Potted clivias grown outdoors can be moved into the house for winter, or into an unheated basement or garage. Clivias do not tolerate frost, but will survive temperatures near freezing. They can be moved back outdoors to a shady spot in the spring when temperatures warm up.

Do clivias prefer sun or shade?

Clivia fare best in dappled sunlight or early morning sun. Dark shade will limit the amount of flowers that your clivia produce. Feed clivia in spring and autumn with 3:1:5 slow-release fertiliser. Clivia in pots should be fed once a month with a liquid fertiliser such as Seagro.

What to do with clivia after flowering?

After flowering, remove spent flower stems near the base, unless seed is required, and reduce watering. Water sparingly through winter, but do not allow the containers to dry out. Repotting, where necessary, can be carried out in early spring using a slightly larger container.

Why do clivia leaves go yellow?

Yellowing of younger leaves can indicate overwatering: a more-serious symptom. The potting mixture should dry out slightly between waterings when it is actively growing and completely dry out during the rest period.

Can you over water clivias?

Keep potting mix moist in spring and summer. Over-watering will cause root rot so allow excess water to drain away.

How often do clivias flower?

Most clivia varieties flower during spring and early summer, three to four years after planting. “To make sure that you don’t have a dull start, don’t over-water them,” advises Kidger. He suggests only watering once a week during the growing season and even less during the rest of the year.

Do clivias like cold weather?

Clivias can be grown in just about any climate zone in Australia from Tasmania to the tropics, as long as they have protection from frosts and extreme cold. They can also become stressed and sunburnt if grown in full sun and allowed to dry out, so make sure they have plenty of shade in hot climates.

Can you split clivias?

Clivias can be divided, at most, every three years and the best time to divide them is after they have finished blooming in spring as this will allow the plant an entire year before the next flowering season.

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