How long does it take for Nemaslug to work?

Nemaslug is easy to apply and does not leave any unsightly residues. Slugs treated with Nemaslug will stop feeding in 3 days and die in about a week. The majority of the slugs will die underground, so don’t expect to see dead slugs lying around.

When should I start using nematodes?

Nematodes are recommended for use whenever larvae or grubs are present. Generally, this is during spring and autumn. Because larvae feed on plant roots, beneath the soil surface, severe damage can be done before realizing there is a problem. Look for signs of an adult insect, such as leaf-notching.

How effective are nematodes against slugs?

Nemaslug nematodes work brilliantly to drastically reduce slug numbers, they are applied to the soil and go to work killing slugs. And that’s the thing, they are in the soil. Snails with their big old house on their back stay on the surface BUT slugs and snails will avoid areas that have been treated with Nemaslug.

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Is there a downside to nematodes?

Most nematodes are harmless, but a handful of troublesome species attack the outside surfaces of plants, burrowing into the plant tissue and causing root, stem, folar and even flower damage. Other nematodes live inside the plants for part of their lives, causing damage from the inside out.

Why are nematodes problematic?

Nematodes are microscopic, wormlike animals that can seriously damage the roots of crop plants. Certain soil-inhabiting nematodes are harmful because they feed on the roots of many kinds of vegetable and flower crops causing roots to become stunted and deformed.

How long do nematodes take to work on slugs?

Once the nematodes are applied the slugs stop feeding after a few days and die within a week. For total control apply every 6 weeks. Start your slug control early and apply at least a week before planting to ensure your garden is safe from slugs.

How long do slug nematodes last?

It comes in two convenient sizes to treat small gardens and larger gardens or allotments. One application of Nemaslug will provide approx. 300,000 nematodes for every square metre of soil, giving at least six weeks control of slugs.

How long do nematodes last in your lawn?

Nematodes will not kill the entire grub population in your lawn, but will reduce it drastically. Nematodes are effective up to 4 days without refrigeration.

Should I cut the grass before applying nematodes?

Prior to applying the nematodes:

Cut the grass short before treatment. Soil should be between 10°C and 30°C during application and for at least two weeks after. Irrigate the area to be treated prior to application in order to apply the nematodes to a moist lawn.

What month do you apply nematodes?

There are two periods when grubs can be targeted by nematodes, in the spring when soil temperatures are above 10°C (often early May to early June) and again in the fall before soil gets too cold (mid-late September to mid October).

What time of year do you spray nematodes?

Nematodes are most effective when the soil temperature reaches about 15C. This is weather dependent year to year but it is usually around mid May. When you see them available in your local garden centers, it is the correct time to apply them, not before.

How long do nematodes last in the soil?

How long do the Nematodes live? Nematodes can be stored in a refrigerator for 2-4 weeks (always check the expiry date located on the inside packaging). Once in the soil they work for approximately 6 weeks.

Are nematodes worth the money?

Most of the nematodes in the garden are beneficial to soil and plants. They feed on the organisms that can harm crops, such as bacteria, fungi, and other microscopic organisms. Some gardeners may even use nematodes to help control the population of insects that are parasitic to plants.

How often should you apply nematodes?

Additionally, if you apply at high enough levels you can often get away with just one application per season rather than needing to reapply once some of the nematodes die off (depending on a number of factors including temperature, pest population and soil conditions).

Do nematodes survive winter?

In nature, nematodes usually overwinter by egg masses in the plant debris or soil when the soil temperature is subzero.

What is the best way to apply nematodes?

How long can nematodes live in dry soil?

Nematode infectivity was maintained up to 90 days under dry soil conditions. A possible survival strategy of root-lesion nematodes may be the induction of an anhydrobiotic state.

How deep in the soil do nematodes live?

As with most soil organisms, nematodes are concentrated in the top few centimetres of the soil (0–20 cm) and in the rhizosphere around plant roots. They live in the thin films of water surrounding soil particles, as they require water to move.

Can nematodes enter humans?

Some nematode infections can be transmitted directly from infected to uninfected people; in others, the nematode eggs must undergo a process of maturation outside the host. In a third category, the parasites may spend a part of their life cycle in the soil before becoming infective to humans.

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