Do lofos like sun or shade?

The optimum amount of sun or shade each plant needs to thrive: Full Sun (6+ hours), Part Sun (4-6 hours), Full Shade (up to 4 hours).

Is Lofus a perennial?

Lofos are half hardy perennials in the UK so it depends where you live about planting them in the ground. It may be best to plant in pots and keep in a cold glasshouse over winter if possible, otherwise cut back and mulch over winter outside and they may come back in the spring if not too cold.

How do you keep Lofos blooming?

Use a well-drained peat/perlite mix and maintain soil pH between 6.0 and 6.5. Feed with a complete water-soluble fertilizer at 200 ppm. Keep light levels high to moderate, between 5,000 and 8,000 footcandles. Although flowering isn’t related to day length, higher light levels will produce more flowers.

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Should I cut back thalictrum after flowering?

Thalictrums are very low-maintenance, apart from requiring staking for taller varieties. Cut down the stems after flowering, but be careful when pruning as the sap can irritate the skin.

How do you keep lobelia blooming all summer long?

Cutting back lobelia plants improves their appearance and health. It also encourages the plant to produce more flowers over a longer period of time. The three types of pruning that benefit lobelia plants are removing spent flowers, pinching, and cutting back.

How do you keep Brunnera blooming?

How do you keep Thalictrums blooming?

Thalictrum are low maintenance plants once established. Lightly fertile and mulch your plants during the spring to help maintain moisture and suppress weeds. Water regularly particularly during periods of drought. During autumn, cut back to ground level to ensure healthy growth in the next season.

How do I encourage Epiphyllum to bloom?

For epiphyllums to set blooms, they also need to have enough light. Exposing plants to some direct sunlight in the morning will encourage blooming. Also, epiphyllums are stimulated to produce flowers after going through a semi-dormant period in the winter.

How do you keep lupins blooming all summer?

To get the longest flowering period from your lupins, cut off the flower heads when they have died down. The flowers will die from the base of the flower head upwards, the time to dead head them is when two thirds of the flower has died. New, smaller flowers will soon appear extending the flowering season.

Do lupins multiply each year?

While Lupine seeds may yield both annual (life cycle complete in one growing season) and perennial (long-lived, coming back each spring) varieties, potted Lupine plants are typically perennial cultivars.

Should I cut lupins to the ground?

Deadhead lupins once flowers have faded and you should be rewarded with a second flush of flowers. In autumn, cut lupins right back to the ground after collecting seed. Lupins are not long-lived plants – expect to replace plants after about six years.

Do lupins multiply?

Lupines reproduce in the wild from seed germination and from rhizomes, or shoots emerging from underground stems. Wild lupine seeds may germinate the same season they appear, or they can remain dormant for at least three years.

Do lupins self seed?

Propagating lupins

Also, they will self-seed, so leaving them to do so and lifting seedlings and potting them on is another method to getting more plants. Propagation by division is possible, however it is not common or the easiest method. This is because the plants have a strong tap root.

Where is the best place to plant lupins?

Lupins like moist, well-draining soil, in an area with full sun or partial shade. They also prefer neutral to slightly acidic soil. As they are tall flowers they would benefit from a sheltered position. If you have no choice other than to grow them in an exposed area, use a stake to support them.

Do lupins bloom more than once?

They will bloom for two months from a spring sowing or early summer from fall sown plants.

How do you deadhead lupins after flowering?

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